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Pigeon Clocking System

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Tech Support Number



New access numbers:

GLOBE 21589662
Wait for our SMART & SUN numbers

Basahin at click ang instructions.
Visit this site for instructions on how to use our new access numbers
2.50 charging rate - "Regular Load only"
No monthly or yearly subscription fee.

3rd Party Gateway & Access Number Provider

Click ang mga LOGO's para malamang pa ang ibang information tungkol sa ating 3rd party gateway prodivers

PJON - Dennis Meneses
Contact: 09991659453
EMail: dcmeneses at gmail dot com
Web Clocking:

M2M - Leo Lirio
Contact: 09209238740, 09179118398
Email: leo.lirio at gmail dot com
Web Clocking :

CB - CounterBytes - Larry Sabino
Contact: 09167928184, 09232154143, 09088156932
Email: alyainec at gmail dot com
Web Clocking: